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2022-2023 Data Snapshot

Fine arts courses, teachers, and other access measures collected from HISD and from the artlook® 22-23 survey.

Student-Fine Arts Teacher Ratio

This demonstrates the ratio of total student enrollment to the number of FA teachers on a campus. This is similar to a student to teacher ratio per classroom. A lower ratio is better, as that shows there are more FA teachers per number of students. Overall, 98 of 247 (39.7%) HISD campuses with fine arts teachers reported that they had more than 200 students per fine arts teacher.

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*27 Campuses without FA teachers were excluded.

elementary, middle & combination schools

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96 of 233 ES, MS, and Combination campuses answered this question. On average, they reported that 94% of their students were enrolled in at least one fine arts course.

high schools

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46% of HS campuses (19 out of 41) were reported to have courses in four major disciplines (dance, visual arts, music, theatre).

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Arts Deserts

We define arts deserts as campuses with no reported fine arts teachers.

27 (9.9%) campuses

campus artlook survey response



Partnerships occur between a HISD campus and an arts organization that can encompass arts programming, professional development, etc.

There were


total reported partnerships and


campuses with no reported partnerships, 

14 (19%)

of which are arts deserts.

(31) (1).png

*D-F ratings were not given due to COVID-19

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