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HISD artlook® Tracker

Campus & District artlook® Trackers

Unsure if your campus has filled out the 2023-24 artlook® survey? Curious about how many schools have already contributed to artlook® this year? Take a look below for both campus-specific and district-wide artlook® completion data.

  • Who can apply for the Arts Action Fund?
    Arts and Culture Partners apply on behalf of any Houston ISD school to provide high-quality programming specific to the needs of each campus. Arts and Culture Partners should coordinate with the school(s) they are applying on behalf of prior to submitting an application.
  • What kinds of funding are available?
    The Arts Action Fund offers two funding pathways: 1. Seed Funding - The main goal of a Seed Grant is to ensure the support of partnership development to increase access for students to experience the arts at their school. For some partnerships, this may start a relationship. For others, the grant will seed a continued relationship. Seed Funding grants can be up to $3,500 2. Learning, Innovation and Action (LIA) - The main goal of the LIA Grant is to invest deeply in expanding already existing partnerships between organizations and a Houston ISD school. This funding, grounded in an established relationship, allows space to explore an innovative idea that is responsive to campus’ needs. All parties must be invested in the overall concept and how it deepens arts education impact for students. Learning, Innovation and Action grants can range from $5,000 - $10,000
  • How many grants can my organization apply for?
    Arts and Culture Partners may apply for one (1) Learning, Innovation and Action grant and up to twelve (12) Seed grants. You must submit one application per school, per program.
  • How much funding can my organization receive?
    A single organization may only be approved for up to $12,000 of Seed funding dollars and one (1) Learning, Innovation and Action grant. Please note: Your application may be approved but awarded less than the initially requested grant amount.
  • How much funding can any one school receive?
    A Houston ISD school can receive up to one (1) Learning, Innovation and Action grant and up to three (3) Seed grants per school year. A Houston ISD school can have multiple applications submitted on its behalf but what is approved will be dependent upon available funds and equitable distribution within Houston ISD.
  • What are the major deadlines of the Arts Action Fund?
    Learning, Innovation and Action grants are due on 9/8/23 and will receive notification on 9/27/23. Grant acceptance packets will be due 10/13/23. Seed grants are due on 10/13/23 and will receive notification on 11/10/23. Grant acceptance packets will be due 12/15/23. Progress check-ins will be due 3/22/24, with final reporting due 6/12/24.
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