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Arts Are Smart

Arts Connect Houston is proud to present the Arts Are SmART Learning Series! These Parent & Family Learning Sessions were a four-part virtual learning series that covered topics related to students and the arts, including the value of the arts for students, supporting student artists, the post-graduate artist journey, and arts careers.

We are excited to share that all four session recordings are now available! While these sessions were originally geared toward families, they are a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about how the arts can enrich students' lives.

Session 1: Art & Value


Learn the short- and long-term benefits the arts can have on your student.

Session 2: Supporting Student Artists

Join HISD Fine Arts Curriculum Specialists to learn what is available to your student.

Session 3: Post-Graduate Artist Journey

Explore professional pathways the arts open to your student post-graduation.

Session 4: Career Day in the Art

Meet professional artists in Houston and learn about their unique journeys.

Arts Are SmART Learning Series

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