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HISD artlook® Tracker

Campus & District artlook® Trackers

Unsure if your campus has filled out the 2022-23 artlook® survey? Curious about how many schools have already contributed to artlook® this year? Take a look below for both campus-specific and district-wide artlook® completion data.


What is artlook®?

artlook® is an online platform that has three key features: a live map that shows arts organizations and their educational offerings, a live map that shows schools and partnerships they are currently seeking, and data from a survey that is collected annually from HISD campuses to show arts education access across HISD. Check it out!


Why should I use it or take the survey?


When you take the survey, you are giving valuable data to Arts Connect and to HISD to both advocate for the arts and to help drive policy and strategy. You are providing data that HISD DOES NOT currently collect. You are also able to update the school information so that our partners can see what campuses are looking for in educational programs. While previously the survey data has not been public as survey completion has been low, Arts Connect intends to make the data publicly accessible by educators like you for your needs – whether it be advocating for arts education on your campus or showing off your campus’ great arts offerings.


I am having issues logging in or do not have an account. What do I do?


If you have issues logging on, or do not have an account, please email


What are the questions on the survey?


You can preview questions here.


How long should it take?


We estimate that the survey should take roughly 15-20 minutes. Your campus profile has been pre-populated with enrollment data from HISD to help. You may need to talk with other educators on your campus or the principal for certain data, in which case it could take a bit longer.


I do not know the answer to a survey question. What do I do?


Please answer to the best of your knowledge or your best guess – that is still valuable information!


I do not have any arts education or fine arts teachers at my campus. Should I still fill it out?


YES. This is extra important that you do so for two reasons:

1. You are making sure your campus is on the map so that arts organizations can see what you are looking for in terms of partnerships to fill any gaps in arts education you may have,

2. You are providing extremely valuable information on gaps in arts education access in HISD that helps to drive strategy and policy.


Why is the survey a year behind?


The survey was set up so that the full school year would have passed before the survey began. However, we realize that this is not practical due to staffing changes. Instead, we are running the 22-23 artlook® survey during Spring 2023 so that the school year is fresh on your mind, and so that we are running the surveys concurrently with the school year going forward.


What if my question isn't answered here?


We're happy to help! Please email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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