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At Arts Connect Houston, we translate cutting-edge research and deep local arts access data into targeted advocacy efforts at the district, local, and state level. 

Arts Connect understands that ensuring every Houston child has access to the
transformative impact of an arts-rich education is no easy feat. Competing priorities,
financial shortfalls, and ever-shifting political landscapes have created an environment
where direct, personal, and robust advocacy efforts are necessary to protect arts education in Houston.

Arts Connect works directly with teachers, administrators, and decision-makers to ensure
the arts have a seat at the table. We also advocate for expanded arts access to city and
state officials, as well as nationally. Arts Connect takes a data-driven approach to advocacy, frequently employing data collected through the revolutionary artlook® platform and research studies.

Students from Smith and Marshall Elementary watch a musical performance at the University of Houston Art Tour Day, funded through the Transformation/RISE Arts Initiative
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