Arts Action Fund

The Arts Action Fund is the first of its kind in Houston and exists as a catalyst for closing arts access gaps in schools.

The Arts Action Fund invests a total of $250,000 annually in arts education
programs across Houston ISD to ensure students have access to
meaningful arts opportunities as part of their complete education.
The Fund’s goal is to unlock potential for new investments by fiscally
supporting high-quality, effective partnerships between
Arts and Culture Partners and any HISD school. The Fund prioritizes
serving underfunded campuses in with reduced access to the arts.

Through the Arts Action Fund, Arts Connect provides capacity building
opportunities to expand knowledge and understanding of how the arts
impact student engagement and well-being. 

2021 - 2022 ARTS ACTION FUND

The Arts Action Fund is focused on:

1. Seed Funding - The main goal of a Seed Grant is to ensure the support of partnership development to increase access for students to experience the arts at their school. For some partnerships, this may start a relationship. For others, the grant will seed a continued relationship.

Seed Funding grants can be up to $3,500

2. Learning, Innovation and Action (LIA) - The main goal of the LIA Grant is to invest deeply in expanding already existing partnerships between organizations and a Houston ISD school. This funding, grounded in an established relationship, allows space to explore an innovative idea that is responsive to campus’ needs. All parties must be invested in the overall concept and how it deepens arts education impact for students.

Learning, Innovation and Action grant can range from $5,000 - $10,000


Round 1 - Learning, Innovation and Action
LIA applications are due on September 3rd.
Applicants will be notified of grants status by September 24th. 

Round 2 - Seed Funding
Seed Funding applications are due on October 8th.
Applicants will be notified of grants status by November 3rd. 

Applications to the Arts Action Fund MUST be submitted
by one of our Arts and Culture Partners.

Houston ISD Schools:

Interested in applying to the Arts Action Fund?
Connect directly with an Arts and Culture Partner by: 

1. Exploring the 2021-22 Arts Action Fund Contact Sheet (linked here!)
2. Clicking here to view their artlook® profile 
3. Attending our Open House on September 22, 2021 

Not sure if the organization you'd like to work with is an
Arts and Culture Partner?
Click here.


One-pager introduction to the

2021-22 Arts Action Fund


In-depth overview of the 2021-22 Arts Action Fund


Still have questions? Submit it for a response within 48 business hours. 



students have participated in diverse arts partnership opportunities.


classrooms have been served through arts partnerships.



direct arts and culture partnerships with schools.  

HISD campuses served.


strategically invested in arts opportunities for students.