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Every student deserves access to an arts-rich education. At Arts Connect Houston, we translate cutting edge research and deep local arts access data into targeted advocacy efforts at the district, local, and state level. 

COVID-19 Initial Impact Report

To better understand the impact of COVID-19 on arts education providers, Arts Connect conducted interviews in March and compiled an initial impact report. In this report, Arts Connect also provides recommendation for the philanthropic community regarding the support that Houston’s art education community needs now and in the coming months to ensure that our work can continue to reach all students.


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The Creative Learner: In School and Beyond

Polls have consistently shown that parents and educators agree: the arts are a vital part of a complete education. Now, however, cutting edge research is able to show us just how beneficial the arts are, both inside the classroom and well beyond it, into college and though one's career.


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Let's close the arts education gap in HISD

Arts education in Houston ISD is historically inequitable. As recently as last school year, nearly 20,000 of the district’s highest need elementary schoolers received no arts opportunities in their schools despite state law defining the arts as a required core academic area. This fact is particularly shocking in light of clear data that demonstrates student performance and engagement improves when they are provided access to the arts.

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