About Us

Arts Connect's vision is to realize the tremendous potential of every student by ensuring the arts as essential to a complete education, recognizing that when students prosper, our community thrives.

Arts Connect unites the Greater Houston community to ensure access to high-quality arts education in creative writing, dance, music, theater and the visual arts for every student, beginning with the Houston ISD.

Collecting Actionable Data

Understanding which students are receiving an arts education and which students are not is the key to reaching all students. This important data is the first step to creating system-wide change. With it, our partners can improve their decision making and deploy resources to close arts education gaps.

Arts Connect helps educators and nonprofits do better work in schools through trainings, the Arts Action Fund and other capacity building services. In this way, dozens of cooperating partners get better together and do better together. 

Building Capacity

Unlocking New Investments

Arts Connect taps untapped public and private funds in Houston—and across the country—to unlock new resources, allowing the collective to grow bigger and reach more students, instead of competing for scarce resources.

We accomplish our mission through:

Driving Advocacy

Arts Connect advocates for the vital role of the arts within education to ensure that all HISD students have access to a high-quality arts education. Most recently, Arts Connect helped ensure HISD was providing arts educators in high-needs schools.

Our Values

Creative Thinking
Innovation, Expression, Engagement
We honor and nurture artistry- engaging, discovering, creating- as integral to human nature, a complete education, and the success of our collective work.

Inclusive Spirit
Diversity, Community
We respect and welcome diverse perspectives, ideas and cultures, and celebrate our differences as strengths to our work.

Open Access
Equity, Empathy, Fairness
We believe in breaking down barriers for equity of opportunity and access, and strive to create a community of shared learning for a healthy arts education ecosystem.

Responsive Action
Informed, Relevant
We listen deeply to understand the context of the communities we serve in order to affect change that reflects community needs and aspirations.

Our Guiding Principles

We develop and implement collective strategies that benefit and support students.

Collective Decision-making
We maintain transparent and open communication across all stakeholder groups to determine shared strategies and goals to guarantee collective impact.

We encourage cross-sector partners to drive and lead our work, recognizing that together we are greater than the sum of our parts.

Data Driven
We utilize coordinated systems of shared data to continuously learn, adapt, measure and improve our impact.