Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is responsible for completing the application for the Arts Connect Fund? 

Arts partners, with endorsement by the principal or arts liaison, are responsible for completing the application for the Arts Connect Fund. 

2. How does an arts organization know if the campus has exceeded their allocation? 

While principals are encouraged to keep track of their fund balance, Arts Connect internally monitors the budget allocation at each campus and releases a report to each campus after the completion of each application round. If a campus has exceeded their allocation, Arts Connect will notify campuses and arts partners. 


3. How do we confirm that programming has occurred? 

A short report following program completion will be required prior to final Arts Connect Fund distribution.


4. What happens if a program is cancelled? 

The arts partner may carry out their regular cancellation policies. The funding for any program that was not completed and followed the cancellation policy will need to be returned to Arts Connect. 


5. Should Arts Connect Funds be considered earned or contributed revenue? 

Arts Connect Funds should be considered earned revenue. 


6. How do we calculate the amount of the program that is coming from the Arts Connect Fund and the campus responsibility? 

The Arts Connect Fund matches every $3 that a campus spends on developing arts partnerships with $5, up to the campus allocation. That means that the Arts Connect Fund will cover 5/8th of the program cost and the campus is responsible for the other 3/8th of the program cost. A campus is responsible for 100% of any programming costs in excess of the allocation. Of course, an arts organization and a campus is welcome to seek out other funding or make any other arrangements for program costs in excess of the campus allocation. 


7. We need a program to start before one of the deadlines, what should we do? 

Complete the application and mark it as time sensitive. Those applications will be processed upon receipt and you will receive a rushed approval. 


8. When does the campus pay the matching portion of the funding? 

Schedule of required campus payment is determined between the arts partner and campus. Arts partners will invoice schools according to their policies. 


9. How does an arts organization receive payment from Arts Connect? 

Payments from Arts Connect are managed and distributed by the Greater Houston Community Foundation. 


10. How does an arts organization receive payment from the campuses? 

Arts partners that have a valid vendor status with HISD may send invoices directly to the campus. For information regarding vendor status or any other related questions, contact Craig Hauschildt. 


11. I don’t understand how this process works with my arts organization’s programming, what can I do to make it work? 

There is a lot of variation throughout the community and we have tried to create a framework that is simple, while also being able to collect the information needed to complete the process. We are always looking to improve the process so please contact us to let you know about your concern. 


12. What information will we need to collect so that we have everything we need for the final report? 

We are currently developing the final report and we expect that it will be ready by the end of September 2018. We expect that it will include basic information like dates of programming, grade levels served, number of students served, etc., as well as stories of student or teacher success. The goal for gathering this information is to report back to funders on the collective work and to create a public narrative highlighting the value of creating arts partnerships in general and more specifically through our collective effort. Individual arts organization data and stories will be shared only in agreement with that arts organization. 


13. I’m confused, who should I contact? 

For questions related to Arts Connect or the inner workings of the fund, please contact Deborah Lugo ( and for campus support or any questions about HISD, please contact Craig Hauschildt (

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