The Arts Connect Fund supports the creation of an arts ecosystem where schools engage with arts organizations to facilitate programming including professional development for teachers, customized student art experiences and arts integrated curriculum. Specifically, the fund supports in-school residencies, performances on campus, field lessons/trips and professional development for teachers with a focus on arts education, arts exposure or arts integration. The Arts Connect Fund is focused on:


  1. Expanding access to arts instruction for students in HISD to close the gap in arts equity

  2. Connecting schools and arts partners to build sustainable relationships

  3. Increasing the time and resources dedicated to the arts during the school day

  4. Building capacity of schools and arts partners to provide arts instruction

  5. Increasing learning and understanding of arts education across multiple disciplines

  6. Demonstrating that the city of Houston is committed to inspiring bright minds through the arts


Arts Partners submit applications in conjunction with Houston ISD targeted K-8 campuses. For a complete list of eligible Arts Partners and campuses, download the Fund information below. 

  1. Arts Partners and schools connect to develop a program based on the Fund guidelines

  2. Arts Partners complete and submit the application

2018-2019 Arts Connect Fund Guidelines

2018-2019 Arts Connect Fund Application

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